In the future, everything is related to the technology including marketing.

We gathered marketing and technical talents to provide whole new marketing services with AI technology.

MarTech Solutions

It is more difficult to analyze the behavior of consumer in the cross-screen era. But with big data and AI analysis technology, we can collect across channels data and integrate them to come up with effective new strategies and marketing model to maintain your competitiveness.

A cross-channel conversational business

Through AccuNix, it can automatically compare user footprints and establish feature tags, which helps marketing staff accurately and effectively execute marketing campaigns.

Smart customer service application for fast import and immediate training

AccuNix effectively integrates natural semantics and recommendation systems, so that marketing staff can not only construct conversational business through context,  but also use AI applications to build a powerful smart customer service and indexing system, applying it to various communication software, communities and platforms.

Multiple application modules

According to the characteristics of various industries, AccuNix has a variety of scenarios and technology modules, including face recognition, optical character recognition(OCR), image recognition, and combined with artificial intelligence and new collection of data. AccuNix brings better results to the conversational business with integrated CRM, and customer data platform(CDP).

CDP (Customer Data Platform)

Collect cross-channel platform and device data with artificial intelligence analysis technology to create a MarTech platform system for enterprises and establish their own First Party Data.

Digital Footprint

Customer Segment Management

Similar Customer Discovering

Advertising Conversion Analysis

Marketing Event Management

AccuNix CDP (Customer Data Platform)

What can we do for your business?

  • New powerful marketing tools

    Through a number of patent development modules, enterprises can use reference data and modular architecture to manage and do various marketing projects. They are the best tools for one-stop management of marketing projects.

  • Multi-channel data collection

    Integrate user data across platforms such as on-site behaviors, off-site tracking, search engines, and social networking sites for converting big data into visual presentations, and providing professional analysis reports.

  • Easily connect with IT department

    Through cloud technology tools, enterprises connect data according to the needs of their marketing department. It can be fully deployed without a third-party technical platform, and achieve efficient introduction and execution. Additionally, it helps marketing staff easily access and reduce the threshold of introducing AI technology.

  • New touch points and application

    With face recognition, image, OCR and other marketing technologies and machine learning technologies, marketing staff can grasp the behavior of consumers through projects or  campaigns in different communication channels. In addition to gather diverse data, we can enhance the life of users value by application.

Award & Prize

Championship of “LINE HACK 2018

2018 / 09

Championship of “LINE HACK 2018"

We design a personal affair management chatbot “Goldfish Brain Savior" on LINE platform for remembering your everything.

Silver Award of the innovation and start-up rookies selection

2018 / 09

Silver Award of the innovation and start-up rookies selection

We use AI image recognition and pharmaceutical care management to design a chatbot and provide users a correct way of using drug, medication and go back to hospital reminding which makes our chatbot become a good medical helper.


2019 / 04

Selected for the first “Microsoft for Startups"

We are selected for the first “ Microsoft for Startups "by applying technology to marketing strategy and help our customers create a new effective business model.


2019 / 05

Selected for PWC’s scale-up

We are selected for PWC’ s scale-up by helping companies build up their first-party data platform and develop Mar-Tech with AI and big data skill.

Meet Neo Star

2019 / 09

Selected for Meet Neo Star most potential startups

We are selected for Meet Neo Star top 30 startups by applying AI technology to cross-channel delivery precisely, and using digital tracking technology to depict the persona of consumers.

微軟AI infinity

2019 / 11

Microsoft AI Infinity AI Innovation Startup Award

We won the Microsoft AI Infinity AI Innovation Startup Award. Accuhit is committed to achieving the digital transformation of AI application in various scenarios.


2018 / 09

Selected for Microsoft AI Partner Solution

We are selected for Microsoft AI Partner Solution by our indexing skill, artificial intelligence, and AccuTrack technology to provide our customers a cross-channel data integration service.


2019 / 07

LINE Account Connect Technology Partner

Accuhit became the official technical partner of LINE in 2019. A large number of LINE Chatbots have been executed in previous projects to meet the customers’ marketing purposes. In the future, we will continue to provide customers with LINE Business Platform API in multiple applications.

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